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Easterly Westerly

Easterly Westerly

Ashtanga Yoga Beginners Course Zephyr is offering a month long beginners course in January on Monday and Friday mornings. This course will provide a good foundation in the Ashtanga system, including how to move through a set sequence of postures whilst cultivating an awareness of alignment and attention towards the breath.  Next session : Monday 8th Jan 7 - 8.15am

Mysore Ashtanga Beginners Course

An 8 session course, 2 sessions per week on Monday and Friday mornings 7 – 8.15am running from the 8th January – 2nd Feb.

Combat the dark cold January mornings by learning the dynamic, warming and meditative practice of Ashtanga Yoga. Ashtanga Yoga hails from the city of Mysore in India and is traditionally learnt as a self practice which eventually enables the practitioner to move through a fluid sequence at their own pace and following their own breath rhythm.

This course will equip participants with a solid foundation of the essentials of the practice, how to move and breathe through a set sequence of postures with attention to alignment and include possible modifications that might be appropriate for each individual. Plenty of support and guidance will be provided including the philosophy behind the practice but remembering and absorbing the information along the way will be encouraged so that at the end of the month participants have their own little mini practice to continue with. 

By learning a set sequence of postures and slowly committing them to memory one can follow the quality of their own breath and enjoy a physical practice that also has a strong meditative quality, harnessing the physical, mental and psychological benefits the system of yoga offers. Learning to practice in this format also enables a diverse range of practitioners to come together and share the energy of the group whilst receiving individually tailored support and guidance from the teacher. A reasonable level of fitness would be beneficial but no prior yoga experience is necessary and if unsure please reach out with your questions. 

Zephyr has had a daily Ashtanga practice for the last 20 years. Having spent extensive time studying in India, she is Authorised by the Sharath Yoga Centre and teaches with integrity and authenticity.

8 session course – £75

Contact Zephyr to book –

More information on Zephyr and ‘why mysore?’ available at or find zephyr on Instagram @easterlywesterly  

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  • Group Info
    • Next Session: Mon 8 Jan (7:0am-8:15am)
    • Normal Meeting Time: Mondays and Fridays
    • Duration / Time: 1 hour 15 minutes
    • Space: Studio 1
  • Participation Info
    • Price: 8 session course £75
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  • Monday 8th January (7:0am - 8:15am)
  • Friday 12th January (7:0am - 8:15am)
  • Monday 15th January (7:0am - 8:15am)
    Ashtanga Yoga Beginners Course
  • Friday 19th January (7:0am - 8:15am)
    Ashtanga Yoga Beginners Course
  • Monday 22nd January (7:0am - 8:15am)
    Ashtanga Yoga Beginners Course
  • Friday 26th January (7:0am - 8:15am)
    Ashtanga Yoga Beginners Course
  • Monday 29th January (7:0am - 8:15am)
    Ashtanga Yoga Beginners Course
  • Friday 2nd February (7:0am - 8:15am)
    Ashtanga Yoga Beginners Course

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