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St Agnes Photographic Club

St Agnes Photographic Club

A photographic club that meets monthly for speakers, practical sessions and critique.

St Agnes Photographic Club is a small but keen group of people from all walks of life, who share an enthusiasm for photography, based in and around St Agnes in Cornwall.

We generally, but not always, meet at 7.30pm every second Tuesday of the month in the Enys room at the Miners and Mechanics Institute (MMI). Everyone is welcome. Meetings last around two to three hours and we usually have a speaker or an arranged activity. In the Summer months we might be out and about with our cameras so do check out our diary on our website before you travel to see if you’ll find us inside or elsewhere.

New members are always welcome so pop along one evening and see if our Club is for you.

  • Organiser
  • Group Info
    • Next Session: Tue 12 Dec (19:0pm-22:0pm)
    • Normal Meeting Time: Second Tuesday of the month
    • Duration / Time: 7.30pm
    • Space: Enys Room
  • Participation Info
    • Price: £15 per year plus £2 per meeting or £4 per meeting for non-members
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  • Tuesday 12th December (19:0pm - 22:0pm)
  • Tuesday 9th January (19:0pm - 22:0pm)
  • Tuesday 13th February (19:0pm - 22:0pm)
  • Tuesday 12th March (19:0pm - 22:0pm)
  • Tuesday 9th April (18:0pm - 21:0pm)
  • Tuesday 14th May (18:0pm - 21:0pm)
  • Tuesday 11th June (18:0pm - 21:0pm)
  • Tuesday 9th July (18:0pm - 21:0pm)

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