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St Agnes Writers Group

St Agnes Writers Group

A small group of people who enjoy writing and meet weekly to share their efforts and support and entertain each other.

The group produces a wide range of styles, poetry and prose, fact and fiction, comedy and serious themes.  We learn from each other and occasionally invite a tutor to provide added stimulus and inspiration. We have also produced collections of our work and performed at local reading evenings.

We meet every Wednesday morning at the MMI from 10am to 12am and sessions cost £5 per person.  We welcome new members or anyone who enjoys writing to come and give it a try.

Contact Kate on 01872 553119.

  • Organiser
    • Name: Kate
    • Phone: 01872 553119
  • Group Info
    • Next Session: Wed 29 May (9:0am-11:0am)
    • Normal Meeting Time: Every Wednesday
    • Duration / Time: 10am - 12am
    • Space: Enys Room
  • Participation Info
    • Price: £5
    • Booking Info:

      Contact Kate

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    • Wednesday 29th May (9:0am - 11:0am)
    • Wednesday 5th June (9:0am - 11:0am)
    • Wednesday 12th June (9:0am - 11:0am)
    • Wednesday 19th June (9:0am - 11:0am)
    • Wednesday 26th June (9:0am - 11:0am)
    • Wednesday 3rd July (9:0am - 11:0am)
    • Wednesday 10th July (9:0am - 11:0am)
    • Wednesday 17th July (9:0am - 11:0am)
    • Wednesday 24th July (9:0am - 11:0am)
    • Wednesday 31st July (9:0am - 11:0am)
    • Wednesday 7th August (9:0am - 11:0am)
    • Wednesday 14th August (9:0am - 11:0am)

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